House Uncrossing Ritual

House UncrossingThis House Uncrossing Ritual is for use when there is a lot of chaos and bad feelings among a family. When people who visit are getting into fights and there is tension in the home and among your circle of friends.

When people are consistently leaving your home in anger and you feel alone and lost, this is the spell to call upon for relief.

Materials Needed For House Uncrossing:

Solomon’s Seal Root
Water of Notre Dame
High John The Conqueror Incense
Seven Day Uncrossing Bath
Van Van Floor Wash
Uncrossing Oil
Uncrossing Powder
Jockey Club Cologne
9 Green Candles or Blue or Yellow

Performing The House Uncrossing:

  1. Place Solomon’s Seal Root in Water of Notre Dam and Leave for three days.
  2. Day 4 perform an uncrossing bath with the seven day uncrossing bath
    1. Place uncrossing oil on arms and legs
    2. Place uncrossing powder on chest
  3. Completely clean your house top to bottom and back to front. Scrub floors and baseboards with Van Van Wash (Chinese Wash)
  4. Sprinkle the water of Notre Dam throughout house, hitting every corner and all cupboards.
  5. Go through each room burning the high John incense
  6. In the evening when you have company or your family comes home wear the jockey club perfume.
  7. Day 5 – 10 repeat the uncrossing bath and anointing with the oil and powder to bring the total to seven total uncrossing baths on seven days. After the bath and anointing/powdering, go through the house again with the high John the Conqueror incense.
    1. It is highly recommended to repeat steps 2 – 6 in total for all Seven days.
  8. Day 11 Begin burning green candles daily one per day for 9 days.
    1. Bless the candles and allow to burn all the way out.
    2. Continue with the jockey club perfume
  9. When your loved ones come by you should be cheerful and honest with them. Show sympathy and love and openness and over time the troubles will pass.

Scripture Readings:

Psalm 62

Explanation of the Spiritual Supplies:

Solomon’s Seal Root:
This is generally used for insight and wisdom, but it can also be used for spiritual cleansing and finds its place in many peaceful home spells and products.

Water of Notre Dame:
Water of Notre Dame is used  in  cleaning rituals and ceremonies, to inspire and instill peace in dwellings, to repel negative spirits and attract  positive ones, and sometimes for uncrossing. Adding Solomon’s Seal Root to the water enhances the cleansing properties and adds an element of wise decision making to the formula.

High John The Conqueror Incense:
Used in this case to dispel negative spirits and to bring uplifting qualities to the home. This incense is excellent for depression and chasing the blues away. It also brings good luck.

Seven Day Uncrossing Bath:
There’s no one formula for this. In this case I’d recommend a bath in Blue Water. Add laundry blueing to your wash water in addition to some Epsom salt and Florida Water. This isn’t official seven Day Uncrossing which is usually an herb salt blend, but for the purpose of the spell it’s right in line.

  • Laundry Blueing is for cleansing and purification
  • Epsom Salt will absorb negativity
  • Florida Water will cleanse it

Van Van Floor Wash:
You’ll want to make a Chinese wash with this by adding ten or so drops of Van Van and some broom straws to your standard was water with your regular soap. Van Van is cleansing and also draws good luck. It’s a go to so you’ll want to have a goodly amount of it on hand for a variety of spiritual works.

Uncrossing Oil:
Again there’s no official formulation. It’s always made up based on the current situation. That said I keep a “standard base” uncrossing formula on hand which is made up of Salt, Hyssop, Rue. Add the herbs to a bottle of any base oil and let steep for a few weeks. You can do warm infusion with a double boiler as well. This is good for a base cleansing, absorbing negativity and preventing the evil eye and other common jinxes.

Uncrossing Powder:
Same as above. Powder the herbs and add them to talcum powder or arrowroot powder.

Jockey Club Cologne:
This has been used for a damn long time as a good luck cologne, generally for gambling luck but it’s also seen in some purification formulae. Used here for its strong and uplifting scent.

9 Green Candles:
Generally in a peaceful home spell you’ll see blue candles used. If you feel you’d prefer that or your unconscious connects with blue for this work more then go ahead with that. Green is used in this case because it’s a more energetic and uplifting color. Used to bring about positivity. I anoint them with prosperity oil when performing this ritual. You could also use Special Oil #20 or a peace Oil or a Blessing Oil.

Good Luck!

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