Algiers Triple Strength Oil Recipe

Algiers Trple Strength OilThere are a variety of formulae that go by the name “Algiers.” The two most famous though are a triple strength oil (denoted as XXX on the bottle usually) and a powder.

Algiers XXX Triple Strength Oil:
This is an old time formula for good luck. I like this oil as a solid general good luck formula that’s said to work fast in love, luck, money and gambling. It’s said to be longer in duration than fast luck, but it’s effects are still fairly short lived. Therefore spells using this ingredient will need to be repeated fairly often.

Algiers Powder:
Algiers Powder (as it is usually called) is generally used as a love drawing powder. Based on it’s construction I would say it’s pretty strong for drawing any kind of love you’d be interested.


Looking at the ingredient list for the oil we can see it’s actually a Red Fast Luck oil that has been “tempered” with the longer lasting effects of patchouli. The earthy patchouli is also said to increase the occult power of the other ingredients as well as adding it’s own sexual passion and money drawing powers.

Algiers Oil & Powder Recipe:

Triple Strength Algiers Oil Recipe:

  • Vanilla Absolute
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Patchouli Essential Oil

Three other curio’s for love, luck and money are added to the bottle:

  • Lodestone
  • High John the Conqueror
  • Devils Shoe String
  • Pyrite
  • Magnetic Sand
  • Nutmeg
  • Red Sandalwood
  • Alkanet (rarely seen this is used to give the oil a red tint)

Based on this formulation I see this formula as a sort of Fast Luck and Special Oil #20 combination oil. Complete with the curio additions!

Algiers Powder Recipe:

  • Vanilla Oil
  • Patchouli
  • Orris

How To Make Algiers Triple Strength Oil:

This part is pretty straight forward actually. Just follow the process for making a fast luck oil and leave out the alkanet and add some Patchouli

What the Algiers Triple XXX Strength Oil Ingredients Do:

  • Vanilla – this is used to encourage and promote love.
  • Wintergreen – moving on from the vanilla, this herb is added in order to add some sex to the love drawn by the vanilla. Additionally Wintergreen also draws money and is lucky for gamblers. Wintergreen makes a good one herb success and money bath.
  • Cinnamon – We’ve talked about cinnamon a bit before, this is used to add some heat to the formula as well as for business luck and gambling luck.
  • Patchouli – there’s three main uses for this herb. Love (well sex more specifically), Money and Jinx breaking. The addition here is for all of this as well as grounding out the Fast Luck smell and extending the length of its effect. My wife gave a good description of it as libido in the Jungian sense.
  • Lodestone – use lodestone to attract what you desire. The uses are myriad. Strong for love or luck or damn near any sort of attraction ritual. Always a good choice.
  • High John the Conqueror – This will strengthen the male nature and adds a commanding power to the formula. High John root is also lucky in gambling matters.
  • Devils Shoe String – this interesting herb is added for protection (to trip up your enemies) and also lends a bit of gambling luck to the formula.
  • Pyrite – this is a great addition to this formula as it draws money through business, savings and games of chance. It also lends that lovely gold sparkle to the bottle.
  • Magnetic Sand – another great addition for money drawing. This is especially used if the maker adds lodestone to the formula to feed the lodestone. Magnetic Sand taken from a money drawing lodestone (like off of the stone on a money pot (hint hint)) can then be used to dress petition papers, candles or added to oils to increase their money drawing properties.
  • Nutmeg – good herb choice for money drawing and specifically for use in games of chance. I’d definitely add this to the oil if I was going to use it for gambling.
  • Red Sandalwood – seeing this addition threw me for a loop initially. This one comes from Denise Alvarado and I believe it’s addition is due to the love drawing properties of Red Sandalwood. You can make a love powder or incense from Red Sandalwood and Patchouli which is supposed to assist in doin’ it.
  • Alkanet – rarely seen this is used to give the oil a red tint and to add a bit of money drawing to it. I’ve never used it in this oil personally.

Variations On Algiers Oil Formula:

Algiers Fast Luck Powder Recipe:
To make a fast luck powder you could simply add the essential oils to some arrow root to give it a good smell, then grind up the herb form of the essentials (probably leave out the vanilla bean as it’s cost prohibitive) and mix it all together. In this case you would still add the three curio’s, but in powdered form. That would be difficult for the High John, so make sure if you’re going this route you source some powdered High John. (High John the Conqueror is a pain in the ass to powder without industrial tools!)

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