Crown of Success Oil Recipe

Double Crown of EgyptOne of the most well known oil in all of rootwork has to be Crown of Success. This post is basically a reader request (from many moons ago! Sorry!) as I really hadn’t thought to cover this one since it is so well written about already. That being the case this post is going to be more of a reference to some of my favorite posts on the topic of Crown of Success. Of course I will be giving the recipes for Crown of Success Oil, and I’ll add some thoughts on making an incense, wash, powder and such as well.

Historically speaking success oils in general are old as shit. Oils baring the name Crown of Success go back to at least the 30’s in a commercial form. Hyatt collects a few success formula as well though they do not have the modern herbal trappings.

Uses & Spells For Crown of Success

A quick search will turn up a myriad of spells involving this oil. I’ll make not of the common ingredients below, but here I want to point out some commonalities.

Psalms for Success

The use of Psalms in magic is about as old as the psalms. The one I associate most with this work is psalm 65 (which I use in candle settings and spiritual baths associated with succes). I’ve seen a few others so I’ll start the list with these 3.

  • Ps. 65:11 – You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance.
  • Ps. 90:17 –And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.
  • Ps 112

I also recently came across an interesting spell using Crown of Success oil & St. Expidite. She adds Peony root to this one which is not common in Crown spells so I thought I should mention it. Find that spell here.

Some of the most common uses of this oil are

  • Removing obstacles between you and your personal path to success
  • Victory and Success in Business, School or Personal Life
  • Attaining a goal

Typically you would set a light (yellow candle) with a petition paper. The paper could be dressed with the powder version and the candle anoited with the oil. I’d also use the Psalms above in the prayers over the candle and any other bible verses that called to me.

Traditional Crown of Success Oil Recipe

So there’s about a million and one formula for Crown of Success. Every practitioner seems to have their own version and that’s great in my opinion. Use what works for ya! That being the case I’m going to start with a list of pretty much every ingredient I’ve ever seen in a crown of success, from there I’ll list out the most common version passed around today and with that you should have what you need to make your own Crown of Success oil recipe.

Ingredient List:

  • Allspice – usually the berries are used though sometimes they get powdered up. These find there use in money drawing spells and oils, generally through business. It’s also used to relieve mental tension and anxiety, so makes a good ingredient in work dealing with success.
  • Bay – This is the herb I always expect to see in a success working. You can write a petition right on the dried leaf then crush it up and add it to the oil (or add it whole, however you want). Bay adds protection as well as general success and power to the oil.
  • Benzoin – it finds its use in perfumery to increase the self life of oils much like vitamin E. It can also be used to draw money to a business when mixed with cinnamon. In addition it finds use as a blessing resin when mixed with frankincense and other blessing resins.
  • Bergamot Orange – This is an ingredient I will always use in a crown recipe. Bergamot is used for personal power, I tend to think of this as giving a “powerful aura” or what not.
  • Cinnamon – we see this herb a lot in money drawing and gambling work. It’s inclusion here is for much the same, to bring money to the user. It also tends to heat things up and get them moving.
  • Cloves – are used generally for prosperity and money through gambling.
  • Deer’s Tongue Leaves – this herb (which smells amazing btw) is said to aid in being eloquent in speech and therefore makes a damn good addition to any success oil.
  • Five-Finger Grass – lends success in endeavors involving manual dexterity. This herb is also a staple of many a money drawing mojo. It’s also said to bring success in love, money, favors and wisdom.
  • Frankincense – this can be used as a general all purpose additive to increase the power of any working.
  • Gold Glitter/Gold Leaf – what would a success oil be without some gold? I typically use pyrite (further down the list), but some folks use glitter or gold leaf. Symbolism obvious.
  • High John –  I tend to see this in spells, but not in the actual oil. That said I see no reason why High John Root could not be added to an oil if you felt it needed it.
  • Master of the Woods – also known as sweet woodruff this herb has a long association with mastery. This is a newer addition for me, but I really like the idea of adding this to a success oil. This herb is sometimes classes as a commanding or ruling herb, it’s association is with being or becoming a ruler or a commanding personality, which is very useful in a success oil.
  • Orange Peel – this can be used as a quick replacement for bergamot if you are missing that ingredient. Orange peel itself can also be used to clear obstacles.
  • Orris Root – in my first crown of success oil ever I added some orris root powder…not my best idea, but it actually came from a more european focused book of oil formulas thats been passed around the internet since the 90’s or so. The powder itself is what made it a bad idea. In hoodoo Orris root (or Queen Elizabeth Root) is generally used by women to draw a man. I found it tempered the heavily masculine powers represented in this oil and “softened” them a bit. When I make a dressing powder out of this formula I include the orris root powder.
  • Peach Tree Leaves – these can be added when you need to pass a test or for other scholastic achievements.
  • Pyrite – this is my go to for use in success and money oils. For drawing cold hard cash.
  • Sandalwood – adds peace, health, safety and the granting of wishes to the formula. As noted in the ldygry post linked below this addition also will give the oil an orange appearance which I really like.
  • Solomon Seal Root – not a common addition but a good one I think. It adds wisdom and a desire for good decision making to the oil.
  • Vetiver – absolutely essential in my opinion. It is added to draw success and power to the work and it also adds jinx breaking powers to the formula as well.


The Basic Recipe:

So my basic recipe is as below. I would probably start with that one, it’s a quick and easy formula to get you going and then you can tart it up as you please. I just want to suggest everyone take a look at the ldygry post and the zindoki post below as they both show super solid methods of making this (or any) oil.


  • Vetiver
  • Frankincense
  • Bay Leaf
  • Gold Glitter / Pyrite etc.

Essential Oils

  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Cinnamon

Some notes on the essential oils, I don’t consider a success oil a crown type oil without vetivert and bergamot. So I will always add those two. The frankincense and sandalwood essential oils are both fairly expensive and just for nice in this case. The use of cinnamon is newish to me. I’ve been recently experimenting with the 1:6 ratio between cinnamon and bergamot that is recommended on zindoki below. This gets tarted up with the frankincense and sandalwood. Some like it some don’t YMMV.

Variations on a Theme

There are a million and one variations on this formula. It’s variability really allows you to start with a solid base and then customize it based on your needs at the time. Once you have a solid base though you can start to expand out from the basic oil into other success products.

Crown of Success Incense

A simple incense can be made by mixing:

  • Frankincese
  • Sandalwood
  • Benzoin
  • with any other success herbs listed. I suggest some deers tongue, cinnamon, bay and allspice in any combination you feel like until you get a scent you’re into.

Crown of Success Powder

Simply powder the herbs in the main formula listed above. Add a few drops of Bergamot and Cinnamon oils to the herbs and mix with it’s weight or a combo of Orris Root Powder and Cornstarch. Ta Da! Thought it was a hard didn’t you?

Crown of Success Wash

Add the essential oils of the core ingredients listed above to an unscented bath wash. Pray your chosen Psalms. You now have a success soap to use when you need to. Another option is to take the herbs and boil them in a quart of water. Pour this over you after bathing (possibly with the success soap??) while reciting your prayers. Get out and dust with the powder you made earlier.

The same process makes a floor wash. Boil the ingredients (I’d sans the resins though, add it back with an essential oil if you’d like) in a quart of water and then add to your mop water and mop your floors with it. Floor wash!


Alright folks, that’s my story today. Let me know how you use this stuff or make it in the comments below!

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  • Greg says:

    Ah, yes almost forgot about this. No worries lol.

    The recipe looks great but I have a few complaints on some of the ingredients. The Orris root and Gold glitter seems to have come from Slater. I don’t know if his COS recipe is correct or not but MOST of Slater’s recipes are fake as he was a well known fraud in the Hoodoo community. I’m not saying the ingredients are wrong it’s just they come from a sketchy source. An example is that Cat from Lucky Mojo doesn’t include Orris Root in her formula.

    One of the major problems the Hoodoo community faces now is that nearly all modern Hoodoo authors like Alvarado and other “New Agers” include recipes in their work from Herman Slater’s book “The Magickal Formulary” sometimes without even citing him.

    This is why we should always be careful to stick to “tradition” rather “New Age” concepts of Hoodoo.

    Anyways it’s good to hear from you.

    • Rob says:

      I figure I should probably reply to this. Orris Root itself definitely has a long history in rootwork, under the name queen elizabeth root.

      My first exposure to Queen Elizabeth Root in this particular formula was from Slater as well back in the late 90’s early aughts.

      There’s compounds mentioned in Hyatt combining queen elizabeth and high John or various things so I don’t feel like it’s untraditional or something to use it in a crown formula. That said I don’t make mine that way anymore, but that’s because I’d used the powder and it gunked it up a bit and I didn’t like it. The formula did what I’d wanted it to so I’m happy.

      Gold glitter. C’mon, it’s 2020, let’s just be fabulous! 😉

      Honestly though, that’s probably more from Brujeria since folks dress there candles with the glitter, they usually claim that’s to thwart enemy spells or the evil eye while they’re working the candle. I use pyrite or real gold in the formula now.

      Actually I’ve been seriously considering looking for an old $20 gold coin to keep in the jar. Maybe in the future.

      Here’s a page from Hyatt with some high John and orris Root recipes, one for law keep away and one to make people friendly:

      What’s interesting to me with these old formula is they never really give them a name, just “oh there’s five or six things you can do with that” or something.

      The names only came later it seems when people started trying to sell this stuff.

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