Money Drawing

Money DrawingWe’re gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects today. Money! And of course Money Drawing Oil, Incense and everything in between.

I think it’s safe to say that most people reading this could use a little more money, at least here and there. Having some tools in the tool box to draw a little extra from time to time is generally pretty useful.

So let’s take a look at what you can do to start getting you’re money drawing kit together.

Money Drawing Oil Recipes

Recipes for Money Drawing are incredibly variable, but there are a few standard base ingredients that come up again and again. Pretty much any formula you purchase or some across is going to contain at least one of these herbs. Most will contain more than one.

Herbs and Roots For Money

  • Bayberry – the most common herb (especially among witches) for money drawing is hands down bayberry.
  • Mint – this is great to have in a money drawing oil as it will help break money jinxes, protect your money and assist with your intuition.
  • Cinnamon – another ubiquitous money drawing plant, cinnamon chips are used for drawing money especially in business and through gambling.

Putting these three herbs together will give you a solid all around strong money drawing formula.

Other Herbs, Roots & Curios

There’s a ton of things that can be used for money drawing, I’ll compile a short list below:

  • Alfalfa – keeps the skids away and is fortunate for money drawing in business and gambling. Good for loans as well.
  • Allspice – the berries are added to mojo bags and oils to help in financial matters through business and gambling. Good for stress reduction as well which is always a good idea in a money work.
  • Buckeye – these are you see whole as a pocket piece that you anoint with your money drawing Oil. Good for job getting as well as gambling when filled with mercury like the nutmeg charm.
  • Chamomile – takes off money jinxes, can make a lover more generous with their cash and is used as a hand was before card games.
  • Five-Finger Grass – used especially in recipes for gambling. Good for dice and card games.
  • High John The Conqueror – there is so much this Root can do that it’s hard to just pick one. Do thorough research on this one. It’s the root that’s always in my pocket. Love, money, personal power.
  • Irish Moss – I’ve used this in spells for business prosperity to good effect. It’s sometimes laid in the 4 corners of a room where business is transacted to draw customers.
  • Lodestone – it’s magnetic. It draws… use it.
  • Lucky Hand Root – salap root is carried or placed in oils and is good for gambling luck as the Root itself looks like a small hand.
  • Nutmeg – one of the more famous gambling charms is to take a whole nutmeg, hollow it out and fill the hole with liquid mercury. Close the hole with wax. If it breaks you’ll go nut as a bonus! The powder or broken up pieces of a whole nutmeg can be used in a bag or oil for gambling luck.
  • Patchouli – Patchouli is used a fair amount and is good to add to money drawing recipes for increased drawing power, protection and jinx breaking.
  • Pine – pine is good For cleansing blockages and also will keep a steady stream of money coming in. My first money oil was made with bayberry cinnamon and pine. Worked great!
  • Pyrite – this is fools gold. I pretty much use it in all success and money works since it looks like gold.
  • Silver Dimes – silver dimes have a long use in magic as a form of payment to spirits, but they also find their use in money drawing. They are highly useful in gambling charms and I like to keep one in my master money drawing bottle.
  • Solomon’s Seal Root – not typically thought of as a money drawing herb, Solomon’s seal can be added to help you make wise decisions leading to greater wealth.
  • Thyme – thyme is used in three jacks and a king oil for gambling luck. It’s also used in some other oils as well. It helps grow your money.
  • Wintergreen – we saw wintergreen in my Fast Luck Oil post so I’ll refer you there.

There’s nothing comprehensive about the above list. There’s a shitload of stuff that can be used for money drawing. The idea here is to spell out your needs with the herbs and curios you make use of in your recipe.

Making Your Own Money Drawing Oil

If you’re just starting out and you have the means, I’d start with the recipe above with bayberry, cinnamon, mint oils. Mix them in equal parts and you’ll be good to go. You can then add herbs to the bottle based on your need.

Usually you’ll find a lodestone Chips and some pyrite in a money drawing so I always add those. Chamomile is a pretty usual addition for me as well. Allspice is another go to.

Just spend sometime experimenting to see what you like and you’ll eventually hit on a formula that feels good. Generally I like to keep my oils as simple as possible, but sometimes (usually with a money drawing oil) they can get a little complicated.

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  • Greg says:

    Excellent blog and thanks for the recipes. I have a few questions

    1.Can I just use Bayberry herb if I can’t get my hands on the oil?

    2. Did you ever solve the Special Oil#20 problem? I tried warming a Vanilla bean pod in oil several times and it didn’t turn out right. I’m wondering how the heck did they even make this oil back in the day considering it’s still hard to make and Vanilla oil was unheard of back then


    • Rob says:

      Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the recipe posts!

      1. Certainly! I actually will always use the herb, the oil can usually only be found as a synthetic, which I will use for the smell but I want to make sure I have the chips in there as well.

      2. What type of oil did you use? I would suggest not using olive oil. It adds a fragrance I don’t like. If you’re using the maceration method you’ll probably need to use multiple beans to get a moderate fragrance, and it will always have a certain “earthy” scent to it. For me I’ve grown used to it and rather enjoy the earthiness of the macerated herbal oils, and for my money it’s really about having a product you can use in your spiritual work that you’re confident in. For me the best way to have that is through making it myself. I’ve gotten some fantastic results with formula I’ve made that I would say today are complete bullshit, but I was super confident in it at the time and it allowed me to go into a really deep state while doing the work.

      I think the maceration method is what was used in the 19th century for a similar oil. You’d want to let it sit for a good month or three. Don’t forget to tweak the proportion of patchouli, so you might want to start by maceration the vanilla bean for a month or so and then add drops of patchouli until you get a blend you like. But! It takes about a week for the scents to blend (sometimes longer), so I like to get a base fragrance that I like, let it sit a week and then add a few more drops to bring out the notes I want to emphasize.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Greg says:

        For the Special Oil#20 maceration I used Almond oil. Maybe I didn’t leave it long enough I only warmed it for 2 hours and left it to soak for a few days. Another big problem is that Vanilla beans are not cheap. A pack of two cost about $19(I shit you not)where I live and they’re about the size of a very small skinny green bean(Also shit you not)
        Also may I make a suggestion for another famous oil recipe:Crown of Success? Thanks for replying.

        • Rob says:

          So to get an oil that smells decently vanilla you’ll need maybe 4 or 5 beans! for a few ounces of oil (maybe 4 or so) and a solid 3 months+ sitting in a window. I found some at Costco, 5 full size beans (like large green beans) for about 36 bucks a few months ago. I put them in the freezer for later use. In a few months I’m gonna make a new batch of special oil so I’ll cut a piece for the master bottle but I’m going to order vanilla absolute to use for the actual smell.

          As far as the crown recipe, ive got a list of about 50 recipes I’m working through. I’ve started the steady work Oil Recipe so that’s next then I’m gonna do XXX Algiers oil. But since you asked I’ll do Crown of Success following that. I’m gonna make a new batch with the special oil. Gotta order some Bergamot though so when that gets in I’ll do a write up.

          • Greg says:

            Ok, fantastic. As for the Money Drawing oil do I have to let the Bayberry soak for a certain amount of time? I made a batch with all of the ingredients yesterday with almond oil and it didn’t turn out well.The main ingredient Bayberry didn’t feel “strong”. Also can’t wait for the XXX Algiers never heard of that one.

          • Rob says:

            Generally for all oils they need about a week for the scents to blend and balance out (as much as they are going to balance.)

            What do you mean by it didn’t turn out well?

            When you say it didn’t “feel strong” what do you mean?

            With the basic money drawing above, I should make an edit, I was first exposed to it as a recipe in equal parts, but the cinnamon is pretty much gonna overwhelm all the other scents. Bayberry is usually sold as a synthetic and it’s scent isn’t very strong tbh. So you could do maybe 3 drops of cinnamon per 1/2 ounce and as much as 10 or 12 drops of bayberry and mint to bring them out. The addition of bayberry chips won’t do anything scent wise. I just add them to have real bayberry in the oil.

          • Greg says:

            Sorry, for not clarifying. What I mean by that is that it didn’t have any “effect”.I know it was the right recipe but I must have done something wrong.

            For example one day I made a batch of Lady Luck oil and I felt different when I applied it to my wrists and head. I bought 2 $1 lottery tickets and won $10 each. Usually you can actually feel the “power” from some of these oils. I don’t know how to explain it. Another example is Van Van, you can usually feel a “shift” in your energy when you use it. But when you make it wrong it has no “magic” and doesn’t work. Hope that clarifies lol

          • Rob says:

            Ok, excellent, I’ve been waiting for a comment like this on the blog so I can have an opportunity to explain some of my unique views on magic.

            Before I do that I’d like to explain a bit about the difference between a money drawing product and a fast luck type product. In general the idea behind a money drawing is a steady and constant increase in wealth. So a money drawing product might take a few weeks of use before the flow gets going, and it usually is a part of an ongoing process ( i.e. use it to feed a money pot weekly and anoint a monthly drawing candle etc.) So not seeing an immediate wealth increase is normal. It takes some time. Slow and steady with this type. Fast luck or gambling oils should be same day effective. It’s in the title!

            As an aside I’d love to learn which formula for lady luck you were using! Please share if you feel comfortable! I’m always interested to see what combo’s get people results.

            Now the “feeling of power” in regards to the oil. So, I’m not a vitalist when it comes to magic. I actually do not believe in any sort of “magical energy.” No chi, prana, ruach, ase’, reiki, odic force, what have you. I’ve found these are all phenomena that happen when a person is in a trance state and generally have no effect on the actual results achieved. Magic happens because the unconscious mind receives a suggestion either from the conscious mind or from an externally conjured spirit (like that which is commonly called an angel or daemon, or a god or deity, or the holy guardian angel or a dead human (i.e. the ancestors) or what have you) which causes the unconscious to completely reorder the persons life to be inline with said suggestions. The content of the suggestion doesn’t matter, could be “win $500 dollars today” or “your physical body is healthy and strong with no trace of cancer” or any number of any others.

            It sounds crazy at first because so much of magic is taught as some sort of energy and most of the time when people hear me talk about this concept they immediately reject it. Totally normal. It’s an example of the what’s referred to as the gatekeeper, an aspect of a persons consciousness that is designed to keep idea’s from being accepted and the status quo continuing.

            Here’s a good trick to prove what I’m talking about. You can take a pendulum, and question your unconscious mind about what in the money drawing formula you made is unsatisfactory to it such that you don’t feel it will work. So work through each ingredient and ask if it is supposed to be there. Then when you’ve found the ingredients your unconscious likes ask if it will be possible to use the oil to generate say $100. If no, move the number up or down until you get a yes. If no yes is coming question until you find out why. Maybe it wants to use the oil for a better job or to create an investment or something. Go with it. Ask it how long, say something like, some unconscious minds like to make things happen fast like in 24 hours and some like to take a really long time, like 7 days. Do you want to make this happen in 24 hours? 7 days? etc.

            Working this way you can create an oil which is guaranteed to be effective for you, and you get to prove to yourself that your unconscious is a deep source of magic!

            So the source of the “feel of power” is a congruence in the conscious and unconscious where they both feel together that this formula will work.

            Make sense?

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