Money Stay With Me

”There always seems to be more month at the end of pay check than there is money!” This seems to be a common occurrence for a lot of people. Well, Money Stay With Me formula is here to address that problem.

This post is probably going to be a lot shorter than most since the formulation and use of this recipe is pretty straight forward.

Money Stay With Me Recipe

I’ve got one recipe for this formula so that’s the one we’ll be talking about.

  • Sassafras
  • Alfalfa
  • Irish Moss

Some folks place a piece of pyrite in the bottle as well. I’d also probably add a small piece of lodestone to give it some more drawing capabilities.

So, let’s take these herbs in turn and see what they add and maybe come up with some ideas for tarting up this formula and tailoring it to your needs.

Sassafras – brings general good luck and increase in financial matters, especially for business. Sassafras is used in business incense as well as to protect investments.

Alfalfa – this is said to bring financial security and to keep away poverty. It’s also used in a lot of good business type formula. It’s common to keep some in the wallet to make your money go further.

Irish Moss – also said to bring good luck in business, money matter and gambling. This herb is used is most all business formula, typically it is sprinkled around a place of business to bring good luck and fortune.

Tailoring Money Stay With Me To Your Needs

This formula seems sort of like a non-formula to me. Generally when I’m getting a formula together I have one or two herbs in mind as the central force I’m trying to work with and I’ll add herbs around it to augment how it works. For example my Bend Over formula is centered of Calamus and Licorice roots. Other herbs are then employed to focus those two and make them more specific.

This Money Stay With Me formula seems to be made up of three “modifier” type herbs, though we could make a case for sassafras being the central herb. I think of this formula then as being three herbs that when working together create the money stretching effect attributed to this oil.

Some additions based on situation:

Earth Smoke – this is used when you’re making an incense usually. It’s added to all three herbs in various instances and is good for business and money drawing.

Dragons Blood – this one just came to me as an addition. Probably not traditional but good for protection and good luck in money.

Money Drawing – any money drawing herbs would be a good addition here. I made a list of some herbs in my Money House Blessing formula post. That money trio would work great here.

Using The FormulaAdd money stay with me to your wallet

There’s a whole bunch of ways to use this one. The first is to sprinkle some in your wallet. Kinda obvious that one.

The ole’ rub it on a candle trick is pretty common too 😉

It can also be deployed with a lodestone to draw money to you and the Money Stay With Me formula to help you keep it. For this you’d keep your money under the lodestone for awhile before spending it.

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